Harry Street Carpet

Chris Maybrier, Harry Street CarpetClient: Harry Street Carpet
Needs: Improve customer service and increase staff efficiency
Solution: Panasonic KX-TDA50G Small Business System with Voice Mail
Harry Street Carpet uses Panasonic phone system to uphold reputation for great service

“Great Plains Communications gave us the equipment, programming and guidance to make sure we are able to take care of all our customers’ needs. Our new phone system gives us “more hands on deck” so we can focus on the project or customer right in from of us without neglecting other customers.”

– Chris Maybrier, Harry Street Carpet

With more than 50 years of serving Wichita businesses and families, Harry Street Carpet has built a name for itself for great value, outstanding product knowledge and excellent customer service.
Most of their business comes from repeat customers and referrals, so delivering great service is an important part of everything they do.

Like many small businesses, though, Harry Street Carpet had been working with a business phone system that had become outdated and unreliable.

“We didn’t have a good way to handle incoming calls, so if we were assisting customers in the showroom we might miss a call. And missing calls means missing sales,” says Chris Maybrier, general manager for Harry Street Carpet.

Building an updated, more spacious new showroom and office was the perfect opportunity to “trade up” to a new phone system that made managing time and customer relationships easier for Maybrier and his sales team.

“Every call is important and every customer in the showroom is important,” says Maybrier. “With our old phone system, we would have to make customers wait. Now we have options for automatically passing calls to the next available sales person. The new system lets us offer the personal service our customers have come to expect, whether they’re calling in or standing right in front of us.”

A project coordinator from Great Plains Communications worked closely with Maybrier and his team to program and configure the system to ring at the right time and in the right places. She also set up their voice mail, day/night modes and auto attendant features to address customer needs after hours or when the entire staff is tied up.

Maybrier says another thing he really likes about the new Panasonic phone system is that it is easy to use and administer.

“It does everything we want it to do, but we don’t have to be rocket scientists to operate it,” he says.