Given the immediacy of business demands, you can’t be out of touch when away from your desk. Now you can free your office desktop phone—with its associated privileges, preferences and features—to follow you anywhere within reach of an IP or cellular connection.

Place, receive and manage calls and messages on secure wireless handsets, on your smartphone, or on PCs and laptops equipped for voice calls.

User mobility solutions from Great Plains Communications make life easier and more seamless for anyone who has to work away from the office.

Roam anywhere with highquality wireless digital telephones 
Use desktop phone features across the campus with wireless SIP phones 
Use phone system features anywhere
Use Apple or Android smartphones as phone system extensions 

Synchronize cell phones and desktop phones to be reached with only one number 
Use a WiFi equipped laptop or tablet to receive calls, integrated with your business phone system

Work from home?
Just plug an IP phone into a properly configured internet port and gain access to all the features of a desktop phone at the office—call forwarding, direct dial, extensions, call park and transfer, and much more.

Work from multiple offices?
Just log in with your extension and password and the phone is configured for your personal profile.

Even if the office is home today, a hotel tomorrow and a coffee shop the next day, colleagues and customers can interact with you just as if you were in the office. With GPC mobility soluons you are always connected.