Great Plains Communications has been your Wichita area Toshiba source for many years, and are equipped to provide service and support for Toshiba phone systems.

Toshiba stated that they will cease development of new telecommunications products, and they halted sales of new phone systems effective May 22, 2017. This information will have little to no effect on the operation of your Toshiba system, or Great Plains Communications’ ability to service your account and/or the ability to obtain add-on licenses/parts or technical support from Toshiba in the near future (customers will still be able to buy phones, cards, add-on components and licenses). In addition, Toshiba and Great Plains Communications will be able to continue providing support, equipment warranties and maintenance obligations to dealers, customers and end users for the next five to seven years.

Great Plains Communications is committed to providing you with the level of service you have come to expect, in the manner that will be most effective for your business. If you have any specific questions on the future of your Toshiba system, please contact your sales representative or Sales Manager, Jenny Wilcoxen at 316-942-7272.